The Adventures of Rabbi Harvey

After finishing school in New York, Rabbi Harvey traveled west in search of adventure and, hopefully, work as a rabbi. His journey took him to Elk Spring, Colorado, a small town in the Rocky Mountains. When he managed to outwit the ruthless gang that had been ruling Elk Spring, the people invited Harvey to stay on as the town's rabbi.

Part Wild West sheriff, part old world rabbi, Harvey settles disputes, tricks criminals into confessing, and offers unsolicited bits of Talmudic insight. Each story presents Harvey with a unique challenge - from convincing a child that he is not actually a chicken, to retrieving stolen money from a sweet-faced bubbe gone bad. Based on classic Jewish folktales, as well as Talmudic teachings and Hassidic legends, these stories contain layers of humor and timeless wisdom that will entertain and inspire readers of all ages.

Rabbi Harvey Rides Again

In this follow-up to the popular The Adventures of Rabbi Harvey, the Rabbi returns to the streets of Elk Spring, Colorado. Harvey protects his town and delivers justice, wielding only the weapons of wisdom, wit, and a bit of trickery. These adventures combine Jewish and American folklore by creatively retelling comic Jewish folktales and setting them loose on the western frontier of the 1870s.

As his fame grows throughout the Rocky Mountains, Rabbi Harvey meets new characters, including the luckless gold miner Abigail. He faces a slew of new challenges, from the return of "Big Milt" and Wolfie Wasserman (the most feared father-and-son outlaw team east of Nevada), to another bold crime by the sweet-faced Bad Bubbe. And, as ever, the Rabbi is the quickest draw in the West--when it comes to pulling out bits of Talmudic insight to fit any occasion, that is. Like any great collection of Jewish folktales, these stories contain layers of humor and timeless wisdom that will entertain, teach and, especially, make you laugh.